What is indie nail polish?

What is indie nail polish?

“Indie” nail polish is a genre of nail polish brands that are independently-owned and operated. They are usually hand-mixed in small batches, and have a smaller distribution that mainstream drug-store brands like OPI or Essie.

The awesome thing about indie nail polish is that you will see colors and glitters that you can't find in the stores, because indie polishes use techniques that large companies would find too complicated or expensive to automate. That also means that it can be harder to get your hands on popular indie brand colors, sometimes...but fans find that it's worth the wait.

Indie polish is just as safe as anything you'll by from a larger company, as the materials are sourced from the same suppliers and are cosmetic-grade. They will last just as long, too! I have indie polish that's nearly 10 years old that applies just like new, once I give it a good shake to mix it up. You can buy indie nail polish all over these days - just try searching the hashtag #indiepolish on instagram or searching for a indie nail polish fan group on Facebook, and hundreds will show up.

One thing all indie brands have in common is their desire to push boundaries and create polishes unlike anything you can find at the drugstore. It's an artform - people have indie polish collections that number in the hundreds and thousands of bottles.

So take a chance - though we can't promise you your first bottle of indie nail polish won't be your gateway drug into the awesome world of indie cosmetics. Cheers!