Curious nail polish for the distinctive scofflaws among us.

The Scofflaw Nail Varnish Manufactory has been creating artisanal, small-batch indie nail polish in Chicago since 2013. Made with the finest cosmetic ingredients, vegan, free of carcinogens, and cruelty-free — we pride ourselves on being one of the best indie nail polish brands of 2019.

Awesome glitter, cool names, unusual colors, and unique nails — are you ready to add some Scofflaw Varnish to your nail polish collection?

Cryptid Preservation Society

A special limited edition coming to February 7th - 10th!

For the February theme of "Flora and Fauna" Scofflaw is presenting a polish for all those camera-shy critters – like Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, and the chupacabra!

Description: A dreamy dusty grey-blue jelly, packed with glitters and shreds in plum, violet, and silver, and finished off with iridescent highlights and flecks in various shades. Very sparkly and shimmery!

More info coming soon!

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